Im Planning On Building A Computer?

i would like some advice on good quality parts and website that have decent prices and stuff avalible i do know about tiger direct they look pretty good but i was wanting some advice if theres a better place to get parts and also some good products and im a gamer i plan on running alot of games like skyrim, fallout games, grand theft auto IV and V when it comes out and other games like that also the answer with the most informative information gets the best answer.

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2 Responses to “Im Planning On Building A Computer?”

  1. Aaron says: and ibuypower,com
    These two pages let you custom configurate a PC by adding all the parts you want giving you options and letting you know the difference in price from one part to another. When you finally buy it, they put al the parts together and ship it to you or you can go to their Headquarters and pick it up.
    I really recommend these pages.
    I even looked up all the parts from my cyberpower PC on newegg, ebay and amazon. the parts in seperate were a pretty significant amount more expensive than the complete build all put together from cyberpower, even with shipping included ($125).
    If you do go with cyberpower, look up coupons and codes for discounts on google. I found a 5% discount that took about 100 bucks off the price.
    I hope I helped!

  2. Dan says:

    You should post your budget – I can’t help you with good parts without knowing how much you can/want to spend. I could help you with a $300 computer to a $10,000, but I doubt you want to spend $10,000 on a computer.

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