I’m So Confused About This Fafsa Refund?

So, my husband and I both go to school full time and have two kids. I buy some of our stuff out of pocket because sometimes we can’t cover it with our voucher, or it simply is not available at our school store. I expected a usual FAFSA refund of 1,000 or so $ for each of us this semester, but he just had a refund deposit and it was not even $400???? I was counting on this money to help us get back on track since I had to spend so much and we can’t afford it. This is what the account says. Is there another part of our Pell Grant expected seperately for some reason?
Total Charges:
Date Posted Item Description Amount
10/15/2012 HW Refund 378.91 USD
Financial Aid
Date Posted Item Description Amount
09/29/2012 Federal Pell Grant -1,388.00 USD
10/13/2012 State of IL MAP Grant (Est) -595.00
Total Financial Aid:
Anticipated Aid
Item Description Anticipated Aid
Federal Pell Grant -1,387.50 USD
Aid Year 2012-2013
Federal Pell Grant 5,550.00 USD
State of IL MAP Grant (Est) 1,190.00 USD
Aid Year Totals
6,740.00 USD
Fall 2012 Award
Federal Pell Grant 2,775.00 USD
State of IL MAP Grant (Est) 595.00 USD
Term Totals
3,370.00 USD
I would appreciate any assistance, thank you!

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2 Responses to “I’m So Confused About This Fafsa Refund?”

  1. Achelios says:

    Your best bet is to go to the Fin Aid office at the school… and ask them to go over everything with you
    if he has a MiniTerm II class… then this is going to make Fin Aid disperse differently… if he has less than 12 credit hours, then this is going to reduce the amount of his grant aid
    obviously, something has affected his Pell Grant Amount… it changed from 2775 for the semester down to 1388 — 1388 is 1/2… is his class schedule only 6-9 credit hours this semester? is he taking 6-9 credits to start with & adding more credits in MiniTerm II?

  2. Rick says:

    You shouldn’t be depending on FAFSA to pay your household bills.
    And between your husband being a low-wage earner, and you having 2 kids to support, it’s a bit unrealistic for you to be attending college. You should be working and paying to raise your own kids instead of expecting financial aid grants to cover those costs.

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