Im Under 18 And Got A Speeding Ticket In Los Angeles.?

Okay first of all, when i was 16 i got a misdemeanor ticket for a minor curfew offense. I went to court, paid it off. Done.
Today I got a speeding ticket, im 17 and a half. It is considered as an infraction and i went 67 on a 45 mph limit lane. I got a few questions.
1. Do i have to appear at court because im under 18?, it says if i pay the bail amount, I will not have to appear in court. But at the same time, it says: If you were under age 18 at the time the citation as issued, you must appear in court with your parent or guardian.
2. Is the curfew ticket from a year ago independent from my speeding ticket? like will it affect my record more? will it affect the bail amount more? will it affect my insurance?

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  1. Jannice says:

    you have to appear in court with a parent or guardian, since you are under 18.
    if this is your first ticket, then you can ask the judge to allow you to take traffic school, so your insurance doesn’t go up.
    your curfew ticket may affect your speeding but highly unlikely, as far as I know curfew isn’t considered a moving violation.
    did my traffic school online with and used a discount code: X2K-7CF-4F5 and saved their course.
    for the finals, i searched traffic school answers 2012 and found a reviewer and studied it, before taking the test.
    try your best not to get anymore tickets, because if you get a 2nd moving violation, you can expect your insurance to skyrocket.

  2. Eisbär says:

    1. Yes. Pay by mail is generally only available for adults. And if you notice the qualifying words, it probably says that some people, “may” pay by mail, but here it specifically states, “If you were under age 18 at the time the citation is issued, you MUST appear in court with your parent or guardian.”
    Must means you MUST do that.
    And most payment methods you could even use to pay by mail would likely not even be available for people under 18 anyways, because very few banks and/or credit card companies issue credit/debit cards or check books to minors, and you can’t send cash in the mail, so you would probably have to go in. And because you are a minor, you need your parent or guardian there. More information can probably be found on the specific court that issued the ticket’s website. You should Google it.
    2. Who knows. What kind of curfew ticket was it? Was it involving driving? And what “record” are you referring to? Because driving record and criminal records are different (although they definitely overlap sometimes). So depending on whether the ticket involved violation of a traffic curfew law set in place for minors vs. a municipal law outside of a vehicle, would probably affect each respective record differently.
    EDIT. I see you asked a 3rd question as well.
    3. Will it affect insurance? Yes, all moving violations usually put 1 point on your driving record, and insurance uses that point system to assess your risk, and decide how much to charge you for your insurance premiums. So depending on the outcome, it could affect your insurance. Usually not by much for most people, but because you are young and deemed higher risk for “less experience,” that in combination with receiving a ticket for “speeding,” it could, so you may want to see whether you can get it dismissed by attending a traffic school or something if they offer that to you if you don’t want it to affect your insurance.

  3. Aaron Baird says:

    Capital punishment

  4. ehverno2 says:

    yyyyuuuupppp On the Insurance.

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