I’m Young, Pregnant And Need Some Advice ?

I’m 20 years old and me and my boyfriend found out the other day I’m pregnant.. Basically Im from Ireland and he’s from England. But I’m going to move to England so we can be together. My mother is English but she moved to Ireland before I was born. I’m just wondering if I were to move what would I be entitled to ? As ill have to leave my job to move to England plus ill be pregnant so it will be hard to find work. I will definately try though ! But I need a plan B if I don’t find employment.. I’m looking for serious answers .. I don’t want any dickheads being smart or saying another Irish fleeing to claim all this **** when my mother is English and the baby’s father will be English ! My boyfriend put a question on here asking for help and he got nothing but smart ***’s.. So please if anybody WILL actually give us some information instead of being so narrow minded and moaning about me “fleeing” I would really appreciate it . Thanks

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  1. Tracey says:

    You can claim benefits under your partners name, you also are legally entitled to work in the uk with an Irish passport but if your mother is English you can request an NI no and get a British passport. Depending on what part of Ireland you are from you can have duel nationality like I have myself got both passports. Your partner would only be able to get JSA or ESA until your around 25 weeks pregnant then it would switch to income support and you would get help with council tax and rent, once the baby is born get the coil or implant to ensure no more pregnant that are not planned arise and make your partner get a job to support you. Good luck

  2. Wendy says:

    Speak to your midwife, low income families used to be entitled to a £500 maternity grant to help buy expensive things like a cot/pram etc. You and your boyfriend would also need to register for a council home, go to the job centre and speak to them about getting Job seekers allowance, and also get in touch with the tax credits, to see what working tax/child tax credits you will be entitled too, once baby is born you will also get £80 a month in family benefits. You should also look into whether you can claim income support too. Afterwards you should be able to get milk tokens and extra help for nappies etc. To be honest if you speak to Citizens advice they will be able to tell you everyone to contact, the numbers to get in touch with them on and what you are entitled to. Hope that helps x

  3. Tiffles says:

    I’m not sure about in England, but I know in most places when the baby is born you are entitled to payment to support it. Until then you could always try looking for home jobs, things like answering questions and calls. Administration, if you like.

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