In a job search, what's the difference between 'sales' and 'retail'?

I’m currently looking for a part time job (I am a student and have just moved to a new city) I have experience doing shop work, but when I look at job sites, I get confused. Is shop work sales or retail? and what is the difference between the two?

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  1. Jade says:

    When you go to buy a large purchase like a mobile phone, specialised furniture, cars etc. then usually you’ll walk into the shop and someone will try and sell you a product. That is a sales job. Obviously this is a very broad area and will not always be based in a shop. Sometimes you’ll be selling to the public and sometimes it will be to private or business clients.

    A retail job is shop work and doesn’t require you to do any selling at all, you will simply be there to put things through the till and take the payment. You may be asked to ‘recommend’ products to customers, but you won’t actually have to sell the products to them.

    On job sites though there will be two types of ‘sales’ jobs. A ‘sales assistant’ is another term for retail assistant, most if not all sales assistant jobs will be retail jobs. Job titles like ‘sales person’ ‘sales executive’ etc. will be the sales jobs. These generally pay a lot more than retail and usually come with some sort of bonus or commission and most of the time you will have to meet targets.

  2. Dr. Nightcall says:

    If you want to work in a shop, that should be under retail. Sales is driving around to different companies to sell your product.

  3. shonie says:

    I think sales is more the desk type job, the job u do behind the scenes where u get the merhcandise ordered in etc, and selling certain products to people. And retail is more the working in a clothes shop and supermarket working as a cashier etc.

  4. Le Ming says:

    sale tell people buy stuff retal pay stuff

  5. Matthew A says:

    Shop work is classified as retail.

    Sales positions are more direct and usually involve you speaking one on one with clients and attempting to convince them why they should buy your product. (think Real Estate, timeshare, cellular service, insurance, etc.)

  6. bigger than the average says:

    one begins with ‘S’ and has five letters,
    while the other begins with ‘R’ and has six.

  7. ♥ =^.^= ♥ нєℓєη ♥ =^.^= ♥ says:

    It is the same.

    I am a retail operative (which is the same as sales assistant).

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