In The Army Who Takes You To Meps?

I have just started researching about the army. Just couldnt find anything on who takes you to meps. I dont have a car, so how will that work?
Also, how do you get to boot camp? Do they pick you up from your home, or do you have to go meet up somewhere else then go?

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3 Responses to “In The Army Who Takes You To Meps?”

  1. The Provost says:

    It depends on how far MEPS is from you and whether or not the Recruiter has time. When I was a Recruiter, we were two hours from MEPS. Most of my applicants took the bus. I only took applicants when I had business at my battalion, or if I felt the applicant was flaky and needed moral support.
    As far as Basic Training goes, once you swear in at MEPS for the second time, they will put you on the appropriate mode of transportation, whether it be bus or plane. You will receive vouchers for travel and meals.

  2. Jason says:

    Can you not take a taxi or a bus? Or perhaps have a friend drive you. I think the military would like its recruits to atleast have the initiative to find a ride up to MEPS.

  3. esycompa says:

    My recuriter took me

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