In Your View: What Is Good Quality Education? Why Should Village People To Be Educated? In What Way?

In South Karnataka, one of the most heart touching cruel crime was happened. A lady in a village has a dream to get married with man who live in Bangalore city. But her parents made her marriage with a man of neibhour village. After that she decided to lead a life in Bangalore for her to give good education. But how. She was a only daughter for her parents. Her father’s all properties will get to her only. So on her friends suggestion who live in city she planned to sale properties and go to Bangalore. There they built 4 own house and give 3 for rent. Live happily, son can go to good english medium school. Her husband’s properties was not sufficient. But her father didn’t obeyed, as it was grands properties emotional feelings. He stays, in this village also there are good schools than city. But daughter didn’t leson. She was mad about city life. As she failed to control her feelings she killer her father only hitting on head.
Now a days education has become business and attraction too. Don’t you feel education is spoiling not only city family life, also village too.? Being educated we are going against nature..? Loosing humanity? It is like proverb – “A monkey spoiled itself, and spoiled forest also.”. Do system of education has lost?
Question arises. Is it necessary for village people to come to city, city people to go to foreign for good education? Why don’t they understand, education is in their mind and creativity itself, not in certificates of university.?

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2 Responses to “In Your View: What Is Good Quality Education? Why Should Village People To Be Educated? In What Way?”

  1. Ashka says:

    To education is not to learn to take good thing in OUR LIFE..,and
    2ed thing we have different finger..,in one hand all are not same i totally agree now adays most of people have that craze about to move on big city..,and all but in big city you can learn many things,too many diffent activity like skate, many out door classies and in your child you can develop that what he/she want not about education..only. Really so sad about that lady who done this so poor and rude with her FATHER. Thanks to share with us.

  2. John says:

    Knowledge is power ….
    Choice (good or bad) is human ….
    we all make errors, with an education, the potential of an error is more apparent to the person making the choice.
    in short, the better informed we are, the better the choices we are capable of making.

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