“income Taxed By Indiana”.. Column B On The Shedule A?

I lived and worked in Illinois for most of 2012 and I moved to Indiana in October.
I now have to fill out the IT-40PNR and a Schedule A along with it. For section 1 I have to fill out 2 columns of numbers The first, Column A is identical to my federal return. Column B is for “Income Taxed by Indiana”…. and I don’t know how to fill that out. On the version for Illinois I listed all of my income because as the Illinois instructions made clear, I had to list all money I gained from Illinois sources. For indiana, how do I determine what income is “taxed by Indiana” For part-year residents, the portion of the following types of income
from Indiana sources that were received while a nonresident should not
be reported as income taxed by Indiana: interest, dividends, unemployment
compensation, royalties and gains from the sale of capital assets,
unless such income results from the conduct of a trade or business.
For example, dividends received from an S corporation doing business
in Indiana should be reported by nonresidents as income taxable in

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