Industrial And Second Lip Piercing To Make Spider Bites?

I am wanting to go get 2 piercings tomorrow, My local piercing shop is having a “sale” thing, and I am wanting the other lip piercing to make spiders bites and also my industrial. I have had my regular lip ring pierced for 4 years, and I used to have snake bites, but that was too much. So im gonna try them. I also have my tongue pierced. Ive had it double pierced also, but they joined at the bottom so i had taken it out. Anyways, I also wanna get my industrial done. I have watched a million and a half youtube videos of aftercare and the actual piercing. So i am very informed. So what i am asking is, Should i get these. I like getting piercings, I can take pain pretty easily, so im not worried about that, but having two new piercings at once? is that gonna be too much? and also I am wondering about any tips anyone has on the industrial. I am completely aware on how to take care of a lip piercing. thanks. First good answer gets Best answer! no rude stuff please!

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