Infamous 2 Super Voucher Problem.?

Hello eveyone, i got a playstation 3 Infamous collection bundle and I finished the first Infamous game, when I opened the second Infamous game it had something called “Super Voucher” it said that it has: *Infamous: Festival of Blood. *Additional character costumes. *Additional weapon styles. *Extra missions. *Additional powerups. So I followed the instructions and I did everything that it said. When it finished downloading and installing. The only thing that I saw was Infamous: Festival of Blood, I don’t know what happened to the others ? Please help.

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One Response to “Infamous 2 Super Voucher Problem.?”

  1. ANSWER ME!!!! says:

    it is most likely things that you won’t notice until actually playing it, it won’t be in bold letters “i’m the new power-ups, HUG ME” try playing it a little first and see if there are any new missions or power-ups

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