Information about a sales director?

I am doing a side project in school there are 8 of us and we start our own business real life we can get sued and everything. My role is the sales director any ideas on specific things i will need to do and be responsible for? Also am i a vital part of the team, compared to the managing director, plus will i have to make sales strategies on how to sell the product we have to design and make ourselves?

Thank you!

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  1. Freefromdrama says:

    Job description: Sales Director
    As a sales director, you will be responsible for creating and delivering sales strategy for your company, product range or designated market.

    You’ll play a fundamental role in developing future growth, and provide vision, direction and leadership. Your specific duties are likely to include:

    Developing strategy, tactics, sales plans and profit targets.
    Delivering sales by developing relationships with retail partners.
    Identifying and reporting on business opportunities in target markets
    Acting as an ambassador and role model for your business
    Taking responsibility for profit and loss
    Increasing market share in existing markets and maximise new business development opportunities.
    Achieving targets for revenue, profitability and sales growth.
    Provide direction to your department.
    Ensure quality after-sales services.

    Create and initiate sales strategies.

    Lead and guide marketing team.

    Create campaign strategies for products or services.

    Target and capture new markets.

    Consolidate existing customer-base.

    Senior sales manager in charge of all sales activities, departments and personnel involved in Sales and Marketing for the Company.

    Provides leadership to the day-to-day operations of the sales department, while maintaining focus on the company’s strategic goals.

    Member of the Company’s Senior Executive Staff.

    Reports to the Chief Executive Officer/President.

    Analyze sales statistics to determine business growth potential.

    Establishes performance goals for all sales department employees, and monitors performance on a continual basis.

    Oversees all hiring, training and firing of personnel involved in Sales and Marketing.

    Develops, or participates with the Senior Staff, in the development of the Strategic Marketing Plan for the Company.

    Directs department(s) to achieve objectives established in the Company’s Strategic Plan.

    Coordinates sales operations with all other departments/divisions of the Company.

    Develops and/or maintains and improves business relations with all customers of the Company.

    Seeks out and targets new customers and new sales opportunities, initiates action plan to approach and secure new business for the Company.

    Senior responsibility for all Trade Accounts Receivables. Monitors A/R aging on a proactive basis with his personnel, coordinates with Credit Manager and Accounts Receivable

    Forecast sales projections and achieve the outcomes in a timely manner.

    Train sales and marketing team.

    Manage and update customer databases.

    Monitor competitors’ products, services and pricing.

    Initiate appropriate measures to beat competitors’ products or services.

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