Information Systems Help!?

Okay so we have a case study to give solutions to and there are three problems that I cant figure out how to fix, so any help would be so appreciated!:-
-supermarkets and wholesalers currently order from the company by email/post and orders are often not in the standard format required for the company’s online system. however they do not have the market power to make them use the standard form apparently 🙁 So I was thinking Electronic Data Interchange/ web based selling. Are there any other possible solutions? As we are usually expected to come up with more than one?
– Different supermarkets have different prices and agreed discounts which causes lots of price discrepancies in invoices, was thinking about overcoming this by using a Customer Relationship Management System in some way? could each customers specific prices be put in there and then linked to the order forms that come in?
-Also due to lack of brand power, the supermarkets use their own product codes when ordering so these need converted into the selling companies codes. Was going to use a database and link it to the order form so it updates automatically- is there a way to do this, how would it technically work?
Thanks a lot for any help at all, our technical knowledge is very weak but we have really tried and tried, putting in a lot of work to try and pass this course. Just so hard getting your head around the technicalities

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