Innovative Team Building Events

New enterprises have been set up within the recent recession teaching both Pottery classes and Grafitti art (legally of course) to teams of people bridging the gap between the corporate work-place and creativity as team-building events. Team building is an important part of any business allowing different people from different departments (tohaps) to communicate and find out things about each other outside of the work-place.

According to an article called 'The Writings on the Wall' one company seeks to encourage team-working by producing these one day taster sessions because the organizers believe that everyone is creative and that most of the time people do not know what they are capable Of. The process involved with these tasks includes brainstorming and strategic thinking as well as the idea of ​​potential which enables people to think outside the box and apply these new skills to their work-place later while also having fun learning about graffiti art.

These team building events are fantastic for visual communication, really pin-pointing the identity of the company / department while embracing new ideas and strategies. As well as learning and understanding more about the history of Graffiti Art or Pottery these taster sessions help motivate people as well as understanding the freedom of expression.

Outdoor activities are a lot of fun but this is a whole new modern way of getting your team to communicate so swap your keyboard for the spray can or your cake – cutter for a stencil and try it out, it could be so much fun!

Source by Lucy Penn

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