Instant Connection With A Stranger?

i never believed in live at first sight or what not. But last night I went outside to let my chicken put of its own to put up for the night and a family were in the yard and immediately began to chat with me.
They were looking at the house next door that was for sale and asked if I knew where the property line was..
Anyways everyone began to walk off to see the house except the eldest son. He was liking that I had chickens because he was planning on getting some…him being a country boy he said.
We talked about my chicken for a bit then he asked about how long I’ve lived here and if I liked it.
I’m usually shy around people a barely talk but with him I could literally stand there and talk to him ask day. Then said out was nice meeting me and went back to his family
I was really bummed to see him leave lol and that day I kept thinking about him.
He was around my age in his low 20s
I’ve never felt this way before so comfortable that I can’t explain.
Have you ever felt this way? Why am I?

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One Response to “Instant Connection With A Stranger?”

  1. Jazzy says:

    I have felt this way before! It’s this guy that I met online and we hit it off. We are really good friends! Feeling this way is normal I believe but dont just ask him out when you haven’t even known him for at least a month.

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