insurance company sent me two vouchers what will happen if i spend both?

ok my laptop broke and my insurance company well my mums sent me a voucher for 999 in order to buy a macbook pro in argos unforunately they didnt have any in stock so i called them before they dispatched the card and they sent me a pc word/currys voucher instead

i have recieved both vouchers what will happen if i use them both?

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3 Responses to “insurance company sent me two vouchers what will happen if i spend both?”

  1. Tom Z says:

    Both vouchers would make their way back to the insurer. They will eventually match them up and realize that you got paid twice for the same loss. If you used them both they will, at the least, demand that you repay them for one of the vouchers. Hopefully you will have the money available because they won’t allow you to repay them over time. At the worst they will press fraud charges against you and perhaps invalidate the coverage entirely.

    Do the right thing.

  2. CountryBoy says:

    You’ll be guilty of fraud, in the same way you would be if you claimed for something "lost" and then found the item without telling the insurance company.
    The insurance company is only prepared to cover the cost of the item once.

  3. Sarah says:

    Although at first my brain said ‘its their mistake’ haha…

    I do actually agree with the person above me

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