Intel I5 @ 3.2ghz Question?

I like to play a game called runescape (yes i know, sad.).
When i first built my PC, it ran full HD at 9% usage
It is now at 30%.
I am worried that I am shortening the life of the processor is being shortened
because the usage is going up and up, any advice and facts would be great guys.
Thanks =]
(The processor)

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2 Responses to “Intel I5 @ 3.2ghz Question?”

  1. ? says:

    you can lengthen the lifespan of your CPU if you keep it running at cooler temperatures, so just buy an after market cooler, it doesn’t have to be expensive because your not overclocking it. if you have a large graphics card you should get a case that has good airflow, i made that mistake when i bought a 660ti and i had some cheap case with terrible airflow, the cpu and motherboard short-circuited shortly after.
    As for the CPU usage, you probably have more programs running in the background than you did when you first had it.

  2. Mahed says:

    DONT worry at all!! Overtime the thermal paste between the processor and heatsink gets dry, however that only increases the temperature. As your pc has been used by u for some time, u must have most applications and programs installed which use CPU power. I also had the same experience.
    So bottom line, dont worry!
    And that CPU has a 3 year warranty, unless u arent Overclocking, if the cpu gets bad in the coming years, u can always report or return it.

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