Intelligent and Interesting Haier Brothers

The world famous cartoon Haier Brothers is very popular with kids and even adults. It is integrated with entertainment, knowledge and interests. Beijing Computer Cartoons-making Company and the Haier Group spent ten years to make this excellent cartoon. As the best gift to present with the world future children, this cartoon finished in 1995 and released in 1996.

The main plot of the cartoon centers on a wisdom old person and the Haier Brothers. To deal with the disasters and untie the natural miracles, the Brothers travels around the world, from North American to South American, passing by south polar, Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia. Finally, they come back to their born place: Pacific Ocean. The entire story is full of their adventures. It mentions a lot of natural marvelous sights such as Mirage and Karst topography. This piece of plot is fluctuation and unconstrained by space and time. Moreover, it contains rich social sciences knowledge, nature, history, geography, humanities and entertainment. It is completely different from the import cartoons from American and Japan which always make weapon as the main topic.

With 212-Session-Serie in this cartoon, it produces a positive impact on kids. Kids learn a lot of knowledge when they watch this cartoon. At the same time they entertain themselves. The cute and clever haier Brothers help the cartoon gain a high Viewing ratio. Many products paint the images of the Brothers on it. The Haier electrical appliances are the typical example.

Although a lot new cartoons played on TV, the popularity of Haier Brother does not fade. For example, this cartoon is repeated on TV time by time. In addition, kids watch it time by time. And more and more new kids’ products refer to this famous cartoon such as inflatable Haier Brother Image in theme park and other kids toys.

Source by Maggie Dan

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