Interest Rates, Loans And Money Problems? Shop Task?

Task: You will aim to have the loan paid off in two years.
Money borrowed: $100,000
Interest rate: 9% p.a

1) How much interest will you pay in two years?
2) How much will you pay back in total?
Shop size: Small
Cost: $10,000
Maximum amount of goods: 5000 clothing items, 20 electrical goods, 20 furniture items.
Amount of staff members: 1

1) How much money do you have left over from the bank after buying your shop?
2) What percentage of your loan is being spent on your shop?

Each staff member will need to be paid $25,000 p.a in wages.

3) How much money do you have left from the bank to spend on your goods? (once you have taken out the shop price)
4) What percentage of your loan is going to the wages of your staff? (the total loan, excluding the shop price)
You must sell all three items; clothing and at least:
5 furniture, 5 electricals and clothing
Clothing: $750 per box of 500
Furniture: $200 per item
Electricals: $300 per item
5) State the items and amounts of items you’re going to purchase to sell in your shop.
500 clothing
100 furniture items
100 electrical items.

6) What is the total cost of the goods you are going to purchase?
7) Do you have any money left over from your loan? (after buying the shop and paying the staff wages)
First, you will need to calculate the selling price for your items by marking the warehouse prices up.
Clothing: 800%
Furniture: 490%
Electricals: 380%

8) Calculate the markup on each item you are selling (per item, not per box)
Calculate how much you have earned from selling your items.

You are to assume that you have sold all the goods you purchased. You must also assume that 10% of your goods were sold at the discount sale price.
Please and thank you so much! ^_^

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