Internet Access From A Tablet?

I am in the UK and don’t have a smartphone or any kind of mobile contract. I just have a PAYG on Orange plus broadband through the telephone line from Virgin as I’m in a rural location that doesn’t have cable, and the mobile signal is somewhat unreliable
I should be able to use the Wifi of a tablet to access to my home based broadband via my router, but what is possible whilst out and about?
Do I need to set up a suitable 3G service on a pay as you download basis? This will add further cost given the other two services that I pay for (quite a lot for the Virgin at £23.50 per month after Direct Debit discount of £5 per month, normal telephone landline rental and pay as you go top-ups).
I am soon to move house, so could consider rolling everything into one if that makes sense, but have no idea of what I might be looking for.
Also, I will lose (a) my long standing email address and (b) my mobile phone number if I ditch the current providers.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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