interview at marks and spencers?

i have an iterview at marks and spencers tomorrow morning and its going to be a 1 hour assessment on customer service skills. does anyone have any tips? or has anyone had the same assessment at m&s and could tell me what to expect??

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  1. Mas says:

    Smile, listen and be polite. Good Luck tomorrow, I hope it goes well.

  2. My name's MUD says:

    1 relax
    2 be yourself
    3 smile
    4 hold your head up because you are special.
    5 know that you will not know how they do their procedures, and they will know you don’t know.
    6 dont arrive late
    7 wear your favorite pants and socks
    8 consider that this is not the only job
    8a but this is an excellent experience towards the job you eventualy will get (even if you don’t get this one)
    9 know that everyone makes mistakes and they will expect you to
    10 react confidenty and without streeing or getting flustered.
    11 be polite and be a good listener

  3. goobygum says:

    I have never been for an interview at Marks n spencers but I have been to many others. They are looking at your people skills so be confident and pleasant in the assessment. It might be a questionairre in which case there are no right or wrong answers. They are just looking to see what kind of person you are. They want you to be calm in all situations, take responsability and to remember the customer is always right! Well you make them think that they are. Try and think what you like about shop workers. You like it when they look at you, take an interest but not overly so. You probably have to base it on what you would expect when you go to M&S because they pride themselves on customer service. So good luck, hope someone answers who has actually been through the same experience………

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