Iowa, Speeding Ticket American Insurance.?

i’m living in iowa,,,,i’m college student,
i got speeding ticket, and it’s due to Dec./27/2012
it’s said posted speed was 60 and my vehicle speed was 73,,, and i have to pay $65.
i have american family insurance.
i just started to drive from september this year.
it will be renewed around april next year.
i’m really worried how the ticket will affect to the insurance rate.
i can pay 65 $, but i don’t want to make the rate raise up .T-T
what should i do? is there any way that i can avoid raising rate????
i saw some say if i take class?something, the rate will be gone or low.
how can i take the class??
i’m non- resident, so i don’t know how it works, but usually, what i the best way to deal with this problem?
i don’t usually drive like that… never.
even i just use accelerator up to rpm 2 0r 2.5 like that.

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2 Responses to “Iowa, Speeding Ticket American Insurance.?”

  1. Jannice says:

    You should have gotten a notice in the mail, outlining your 3 options, pay the fine, pay fine with traffic school and go to court.
    your best choice is to pay the fine and take traffic school.
    taking traffic school will help you avoid the insurance rate hike, as long as you don’t get anymore ticket.
    i did my traffic school online with and used a discount code: X2K-7CF-4F5 and saved 2 off their course.
    for the finals, i searched traffic school answers 2012 and found a reviewer and studied it, before taking the test.

  2. mbrcatz says:

    Many states, the first minor moving violation ever, isn’t surchargable.
    You’ll have to call the number on your ticket and ask about defensive driving, however, if the car isn’t in your name, you won’t be able to hide the ticket from mom and dad, as usually you have to send in a document that they’ve signed.

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