iPhone 4s Contract Deals?

Right so after a week I have decided to go for the £36 a month contract deal on the new iPhone with Orange.. Is it worth it? I’ll have to pay £99 for the phone and get 600 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500mb of internet but unlimited Wi-fi..

Im only 18 so I have to be really careful about the contract I am committing myself too.. £36 is my budget I wont go any higher. The 3 network contract deals are really good but I heard the coverage around my area is awful so there is no point. Never had a problem with Orange but I am only on pay as you go at the minute. I would phone up orange and discuss this over the phone but I’m currently living away from home and I have no credit on my phone.. there is no point in topping up if im going on contract as soon as possible really is there. Opinions please?

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2 Responses to “iPhone 4s Contract Deals?”

  1. Jonnyb88 says:

    I think it seems a bit much to pay £99 for a phone, even if it is the iphone you are paying for. If you want good phone deals go to e2save.com. I can assure you, you’ll find better deals for the iphone 4 on there.

  2. Twin mummy x2 plus 1. says:

    Being with Orange and having been with them for years, i’d say they’re a very good network – I’ve never had problems with them, and their contract offers aren’t any different from O2’s either, as i was contemplating switching briefly.. However, if you’re going to pay £36 per month contract, why not go for the 1gb internet? I don’t know whether you chose the 18 month, or 24 month contract, but It doesn’t change the price of the phone, it simply gives you a higher internet allowance. (You do of course get free unlimited wifi with BTopenzone, too, so it’s probably not necessary depending on how high your internet useage is). On the otherhand, you could also pay £70 more for the phone, and go for the £30 per month contract.. Make sure you discuss all the pros with orange beforehand. I called Orange and found them fantastic at helping me pick the right contract for my needs. The contract i was going to go for was completely impractical for my needs, as i wasn’t aware how high my internet useage is, so it would have cost me a long more in the long run. (I use my phones internet for everything – browsing, shopping, and downloading movies, apps and music. It’s so instantaneous, it’s easier) After wise advice, and warnings about how high my bill would be if i went over my internet allowance, I decided to pay £169.99 for the iphone 4s, and stick with my current unlimited internet, with just 200 minutes, and 250 texts, as my calls are low apparently, and i’m not using anywhere near that amount, and my texting is always within the 250 i get). You may not want to call them from abroad, but wait until you get home, then call them. It’s always good to get advice, and make sure the contract you pick is catered to your needs.

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