Ipod discount,10 points…?

Does anyone have a discount for an ipod?Preferably over 19%
ipod touch or classic

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3 Responses to “Ipod discount,10 points…?”

  1. Kristy D says:

    What ipod you looking for a discount for? 🙂

    Really does depend what gb you want.. eg. if you were looking at ipod touch (8gb) on Amazon there £135, everywhere else they are about £149,

    Also depends on they country your in as well!

  2. Yankees 27th Chamionship says:

    No but if you go 2 radioshack theyre having 20% off. Hope helps!!

  3. Rudeyy says:

    check out ipodprices.co.uk

    they’ll tell you the lowest prices and if there’s offers on, it’ll tell you and they’ll display the discount code next to it 🙂

    the best offer i know about though that’s still out there is for the Late 2009 2nd Generation 8GB iPod Touch which is going for £149 from Currys and you get a free £25 iTunes gift card and case.

    when i got my ipod from them (like 2/3weeks ago) it was £149 and a free £15 iTunes gift card and a charger worth £25

    this offer ends on Wednesday though but it’s been on for almost 3 weeks

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