Iran Nuclear Deal Agreed!?

So, it happened!
But why is the israeli president so annoyed with the deal,
"A bad deal"
What are you on? CRACK!
Whats your opinions,
A good deal in my opinion, your thoughts and do you think the israeli president will calm down?

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3 Responses to “Iran Nuclear Deal Agreed!?”

  1. TheGreatMatt says:

    Well, Israel, as a country, has always been very cautious about its neighbours. Their relationship with other nations in the Middle East is very complicated. Sometimes they’re the aggressors, other times their aggression is legitimate. They tend to fear and war-monger a lot, but which country doesn’t?

    It’ll be interesting to see how this deal will effect Israel/US relations. I guess the US agreeing to this deal debunks the wacky theories that Israel virtually controls the US. I mean, there is great lobby influence, but not to the extent these people make it out to be!

  2. Jimmy C says:

    Great news. Netanyahu is upset because he wants to start a war with Iran, and now he has no excuse. Peace.

  3. Wessex says:

    A country, that has a stated aim of wiping Israel of the face of the earth, will retain it’s ability to enrich uranium, and now have easier access to the worlds technology……..

    Mmmmm let me think why Israel might be nervous……!

    Anyone unable to see that must be biased against Israel in the extreme……

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