is 75% discount better than 50% discount?


Had a very blonde lack of any intelegence moment :O)

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17 Responses to “is 75% discount better than 50% discount?”

  1. Elizabeth M says:

    x% discount is a price reduced by x% so the bigger the % discount the bigger the discount,
    which will be better (for the buyer).

  2. Kimberly says:


  3. mason442101 says:


  4. LOL! says:

    of course.

  5. Karl says:

    yes, its 25% better discount

  6. X says:

    Congratulations, you’re officially stupid.

  7. Lance Hardwood says:

    I hope for your sake you’re, like, 7-years-old.

  8. mistymiss says:

    Yes. Assume that an item is up for sale at £100.00, if you get a discount of 50% then you pay £50-00, but if you get a 75% discount (£75-00) then you only pay
    Hope this helps

  9. TAO PAIPAI says:

    Yes, It’s just 25% less from getting it for free

  10. sarp says:


    suppose you must spend maximum amount of money, then 75% discount is not better than a 50% discount.

    but if you want to save a few bucks, 50% is profitable.

  11. Hayley says:


  12. Ahmed says:

    Yuup its more than 50%.

  13. Yikes says:

    Yes. If I can recall my Grade 3 math correctly.

  14. LTS says:

    Based on the assumption that you are the buyer:
    1) If it is for the same product, then yes.
    2) If is is not for the same product, then it depends on the price. For example consider two products A and B. A’s price is 100$ and B’s price is 200, then 75% discount for the A becomes 75$, and 50% discount for B becomes 100$ which is 25$ more discount than A.

    Good Luck!

  15. sherlock says:

    NO, the reason being they are probably both fantasy and an inducement for you to buy overpriced garbage, no retailer could genuinely knock this amount of anything, it’s a fact of life.

    It works like this, you have a high st shop and getting people in is the order of the day sticking a SALE 75% off sign draws them like flies, once in British consumers will buy any crap if you pretend it’s discounted. You buy a load of Chinese rubbish at say £1 a time (typically Chinese goods cost 1% of the retail price), mark it up at £99.99, less 75%, sell it for £25 and you have just multiplied your money 25 fold!

    Buyer thinks they have got a bargain, retailer makes a killing, when it falls apart customer thinks "Well it was in the sale, and I did get 75% off" so does not take it back.

    It’s a big con and they ALL do it.

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