Is £98 pound cheap for an acoustic guitar starter pack?

I want to buy this guitar.

Is it a good price?

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5 Responses to “Is £98 pound cheap for an acoustic guitar starter pack?”

  1. Izzy Hobbs says:

    Yes I personally think it is!
    Ibanez is a really good guitar brand, and you’re not going to get a decent, new, steel-stringed, guitar pack for less than that! My advice would be to actually go somewhere where you can try it out though, because although Ibanez is a really really good brand of guitar- I bought my acoustic online and it was really crap! However, if you’re just starting out then yes it is a decent price 🙂

  2. a person says:

    Yeah. Stuff you buy off the internet is normally cheaper than what you buy in a shop down the road.

  3. cnewshadow says:

    Yeah, it’s actually not too bad.

    Normally, buying a guitar from Amazon is a terrible idea, but in this case it is a guitar from a reputable company and the price is about where it should be for that guitar. 98 pounds is about $150 US, so that is right in line for a decent quality starter guitar.

    It’s a low end Ibanez, so it might have some fit and finish issues, but it should play at least decently and sound okay.

  4. thunor says:

    Also have a look around local music stores for second-hand acoustics, you can get good quality second-hand for the price of little more than that new ibanez..

    A clip on tuner is going to be Essential when you buy whatever guitar you buy, it will save you a lot of trouble.

  5. Rob Greco says:

    Not bad, try looking on the site below, some great deals

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