is a photoshoot really expensive?

i want to get a photoshoot, but im kinda embarassed i really cant pose! and also isit really expensive? how much would the least expensive photoshoot be?

do they play with the photos, tryna make it look extra good like photoshop, or isit just there technique and camera to make a person look extra pretty?
do they tell you how to pose?

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  1. Alfie says:

    They tend to be pretty cheap varying from 10-100 pounds with about 8 people and a few printed photos. If you want a good saying keep your eye on wowcher everyday, last week they did a photo shoot with 4 people + refreshments and 4x printouts for only 14.99 oh and a makeover for one person, they can save you loads!
    They let you take control as to what to do, however, if you dont know they will instruct you and give you tips how to look even better. They are friendly, and you can often reserve to have either a woman / man photographer depending on which u prefer. They will sit you through some past photoshoots and will help you out alot:)
    Just go for it, itd be a great experience!

  2. Sam is dead says:

    They’ll tell you what to do. They’ll use good lighting which will make you look better, then probably edit bits aswell.

  3. SellingAPI says:

    there are a lot of factors which come into play, here is a short list:

    1. the lighting – this plays the most important factor in the photo shoot
    2. the makeup – can change the way you look near completly
    3. the clothes – depends on what you wear, the colors, textures, prints, etc.
    4. the angle – photography depends on the angle with which the photograph is shot with
    5. lastly the final tough can always be made with photoshop!

    expensive – depends on where and with whom you take the shoot!

  4. Yana says:

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