Is A Single Homeless Lady Pensioner Vulnerable Or Not?

Should she get accommodation, or handed a voucher to get a tent and chucked back on the street?…

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9 Responses to “Is A Single Homeless Lady Pensioner Vulnerable Or Not?”

  1. matt says:

    yes a old lady is very vulnerable on the streets and should be given acomidation.

  2. SayItRig says:

    Of course she should get accommodation but in our country we no longer look after our own vulnerable people as a priority,since the conservative party are so keen on people taking in lodgers perhaps one of them could give her a room in one of their many mansions that the taxpayer helps to fund,silly me they wont do that,they think they are a different breed.

  3. Ralf says:

    62 isn’t a pensionable age, seems a bit harsh however, regardless the council have a legal duty to home people. I’m surprised they class a tent as temporary crisis accommodation.. she should move to sweden, they’ll treat her like a princess..
    lol turkey is full of homeless people, they’re called kurds..

  4. Back to the drawing board says:

    Interesting question, how can this sort of thing go on in Britain, beacon of enlightenment and western democracy, we still pay lip service to Clement Atlee’s vision of the welfare state in that people who cannot work through age, disability, or there simply being not enough jobs, should get a decent standard of living.
    Unfortunately on another level we seem to have changed this now to the idea that unemployment is a person’s own fault and they should be punished for it.
    The current Turkish demonstrations are interesting, whilst we in the west may want to maintain the moral high ground, and ‘they have nasty authoritarian governments etc’, I’m wondering if there are homeless people sleeping on the streets of Istanbul and Ankara like we have in the UK, my guess is probably not, any answers could be relative about what we regard as a civilised society or not.

  5. Deighton says:

    how did she end up there then? Did she just turn up and say ‘give me a house’?

  6. Disgruntled the Cat with the Hat says:

    Most people slip through the net because they don’t fight hard enough, I ended up homeless myself and as far as my local council was concerned I could have just gone away and slept on a park bench but I just kept fighting, letters from my doctor etc etc, I only managed to get somewhere when I spoke to someone who was a career benefit scrounger and he steered me through the system what and what not to say and he encouraged me to keep fighting until I finally landed a dingy hotel room, it was the beginning of a long process to get re-housed a year later, this is 20 years ago now so actually nothing has changed!
    She should have taken the money for the tent and kept hassling them, they cave in eventually!

  7. rickman says:

    How sad this poor woman is in deep water with no way out had she been an immigrant they would have found accomadation for her straight away its a sad day when we cannot be bothered or care enough to look after our own.

  8. jennifer p says:

    At 62 shes not considered old enough to b an oap – but yes she should b

  9. Angelina says:

    Well said rickman!! Let’s see how many Romanians and Bulgarians get housed next year shall we when they flood over here..

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