Is Alfagrog Good Biological Filter Media?

ayooo ayooooo is alfagrog good biological filter media? here the link to it :
have you use it? whats it like? pros & cons………
no anal comments ok!!!
10 points to most helpful answer get typing, k…………………………

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2 Responses to “Is Alfagrog Good Biological Filter Media?”

  1. Robert says:

    Its a very good medium and very similar conceptually to AquaClear Bio Beads. Either is good in fresh or salt water (especially in sumps), but in a marine tank I add Purigen to the filter as welll. Alfagrog has a higher porous capacity, but Purigen can absorb detritus and toxins 5X as small. Alfagrog should not be used as a gravel though,as it has tons of hiding spots for dirt and detritus as well.

  2. Pufferlo says:

    Anal comments? lol. I’ve never used it but it looks very porous and small enough not to trap large debris so i’d imagine yes.

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