Is Ireland safe for giving your credit card number?

And does Amazon give the seller your credit card number to take the money out or does amazon exchange the money itself?
Are the ‘New’ products from the Amazon shop or are there peoples secondhand ones that were never used?

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3 Responses to “Is Ireland safe for giving your credit card number?”

  1. Dilbert says:

    What is the difference between "" and " Ireland"? They’re both the same URL, "", and that’s the URL you’re asking about. Whether it’s safe to give your card number at that URL. So why do you mention "Ireland"? Because it implies there might be something more to your question than the obvious.

  2. PCHelperdude says:

    yes, amazon is a very big company and was one of the first online marketplaces, been in business for a very long time

  3. Bill P says:

    Does the address start https or just http? Https is the secure page and it’s safe to give them your card number on that one. Never give anyone your PIN number though, no one needs it.

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