Is Anyone Depressed Of The Job Market? How About You Recent College Grads?

I know new grads looking for work have found the job market to be difficult. Yesterday I came for an interview for a “marketing position” until I realized later that they were looking for people to do door-to-door sales. The person mentoring me graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Sociology. I felt that her job was way below her paygrade. Here she was, a graduate from a top 50 university selling office supplies door to door for 7 hours straight and her only deal came after more than 30 attempts and it was HARD WORK.
I really am depressed of the job market. What can I do with a bachelor’s in political science or history in a year from now? There are graduates from state universities with these degrees who cannot find a respectable job paying $30,000 a year.

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9 Responses to “Is Anyone Depressed Of The Job Market? How About You Recent College Grads?”

  1. Yes We Can! says:

    There are plenty of bottom feeding commission only sales jobs.
    Insurance companies who want you to sell your family and friends and then quit

  2. Can I haz banana? says:

    Welcome to the 0bozo economy.

  3. Commander McBragg says:

    I never went to college for the purpose of getting a job. If a job was what I wanted, I would have driven a truck for 20 years and carefully saving my money up and investing it wisely while not paying for a home. Then retiring for life. It’s not hard.
    Formal education is better as a hobby.

  4. Storm says:

    George W. Bush ruined the economy with his policy of offshoring Jobs. Obama, who promised change, has done nothing about this problem.

  5. ashley says:

    college grads are unemployed

  6. Ollicopt says:

    Welcome to the real world. It is not the one you learned from your professor is it? I sold insurance door to door. The goal was to sell five policies a day. That was the goal. Reality was that most associates didn’t sell five a day. The morning meeting was a 8 AM. If you made it home by 9 PM you were early.
    You can sell the policies anywhere on your route as far as the Insurer is concerned. Where you can’t sell them is business establishments where you see no soliciting on the entrance door like fast food restaurants and big box stores. Some communities require you to buy a permit and arrest you for working in their neighborhood.
    If you want to open an office to sell insurance etc. good luck with that. The government is insuring everything but homeowners, auto and liability. Nobody will come in.
    People hide in their houses and don’t answer the door. They call the rest of the neighborhood to warn them you are coming. Some might be in favor of you product but are ashamed to buy it from you because they were warned not to.

  7. Dreaded Rear Admiral says:

    Degrees in poly sci and history are, by and large, worthless, unless some other worthwhile degree is obtained at the same time.
    Those are just the hard facts of life.

  8. icpoorem says:

    Haha get a masters in something that can get you a job?

  9. dumernab says:

    Yes I’m depressed. Dam companies won’t stop calling me to work- 90 hours a week is enough already!
    A degree in sociology is pretty worthless to anyone who pays attention to reality. Same can be said for a degree in history… sorry man, but you’re screwed. Use your remaining time at school to get a little education that you can actually use in real life.

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