Is Anyone Else Going To Cancel Their Mastercard?

MasterCard Launches Shariah-Compliant Credit Card With Compass Pointing Toward Mecca
In addition to including a compass that allows Islamic adherents to comply with “salah” (praying five times per day, while facing Mecca — one of the Five Pillars of the Muslim faith), the MasterCard bans interest on loans. As Daily Mail notes, “riba,” or the charging of interest on loans, is forbidden in Islamic law.
To get around issues surrounding interest, MasterCard will charge user fees instead of interest rates, making the cards profitable for the company. An additional benefit beyond this is travel benefits, as cardholders will be able to obtain vouchers to pay for the “hajj,” the trip to Mecca every Muslim, pending good health, is intended to take. And a portion of the monies spent using the cards is donated to charity, as the act of giving is explicitly laid out in the Koran.
Think of what goes through the minds of wounded warriors: MasterCard is partnering with Islam to promote…Islam. Yes, that Islam: the religion of those murderers who committed on 9/11 and 7/7; the religion of those who murdered in Bali, Mumbai, Madrid and Benghazi; the religion of those who pledge themselves to wipe Israel off the map; the religion of those who call us The Great Satan.
How will M/C convince us that we aren’t paying more interest than Muslims are paying in fees? Will we be paying for their Haj trips in hidden costs?

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4 Responses to “Is Anyone Else Going To Cancel Their Mastercard?”

  1. Jerry says:

    nope, not me.

  2. MEESTER MAN says:

    NUFF said, YES.

  3. yutsnark says:

    How do they get the compass to always point toward Mecca?

  4. ? says:

    I have ONE credit card for emergency use only its a visa i keep my finances in order so i don’t need to use credit regularly if i need money i have a long standing relationship with a local MI credit union they have no problem lending me what i might need.

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