Is Being Attractive Really That Important?

First of all, I’m not trying to sound conceited here, but I think I am a pretty attractive person when I want to be. I won’t go into a full description of me, but I think that I look pretty good as long as I do my hair and dress nice etc. However, I suffer from depression, so there are some days when it is very difficult for me to take the time to try to look nice. I wish I could be one of those people who has the energy to make myself look good everyday, such as matching outfits, doing my nails, hair etc. Some days I just don’t care about that stuff. I did recently notice though that when I dress good, do my hair and maybe wear some perfume, I am more likely to discount on store items or free food when I go out to eat without asking for it. My teachers are also more lenient on me and I get treated better at work. What is up with that? DO beautiful people really get more out of life? What are some of the other benefits of dressing and looking good everyday?

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8 Responses to “Is Being Attractive Really That Important?”

  1. rodolfo l says:

    Sometimes, if you smell good and look nice in many ways.

  2. Tinkerbell The Conquer says:

    Hasn’t got me anywhere but being harrassed by men and females hating you.

  3. cutiewit says:

    No offense, but I think attractive people are treated better, and life is easier.

  4. Qwerty™ says:

    I’m with Tink. Attractiveness ain’t all it’s choked up to be.

  5. Hoshiko says:

    Society believes that being attractive is one of the most important things in life. It sure is convenient if you’re attractive. But really, if you meet with some very reasonable and generous people, they will all say that physical beauty is not everything. Being physically beautiful certainly does give you advantages but that doesn’t mean life will be amazing. Also, many many people don’t have physical beauty but are much more successful than those who are attractive. It can be important to be pretty, but it’s not that important. If you were sneaky enough, you could use your beauty to your advantage, but then your mental and emotional beauty will be tainted and eventually lost. Keep up the beauty in your conscious.

  6. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang♡ says:

    I think beauty is both a curse and blessing, but is it important to others? Yes, pathetically so.

  7. mr dance moves says:

    Yes and anybody who says it isn’t should try one week being ugly are walking around like a bagabon. Of course this could depend on your morals and if you are single or not and who you with. But some people need to get over the whole “guys starring it me”. Who cares, guys stare at ugly chicks. Thats not a factor to being good looking that just mean you are a female.
    But the stuff you describe yes. Its a proven fact the more attractive you more easier it is in life. The more people listen to you, want to be around you and such. Think of it this way, being attractive is like money. Except with money people may never know you have it. When people see you, you have it, they know they give you a little credit. Probably think you aren’t a child molester, probably think you aren’t a criminal, want to be your friend, yes sometimes want to hate on you, guys want to be next to you and buy you drinks, buy you lunch, take you out to dinner. Ugly women do not get all that treatment.
    When you are ugly you have a few guys fighting over you, and its only cause they know you are nice person. But it doesn’t take much to convince a person you have a good personality when your attractive. Just like it doesn’t take much to convince a person you have money when you pull in a ferrari.
    ITS NOT THE END ALL BE ALL IN LIFE. But it makes a difference.

  8. Sarah Wise - Leo the Lioness says:

    Yes. Being attractive is very important. It is an attitude rather than a physical look, although it is huge advantage. The attitude and personality, and qualities of a person can either enhance, or distort their physical looks, So, individuals who are physically good looking yet too rude, obnoxious, or lacks self-confidence, lacks personal care, tidiness and good hygiene of themselves, can look unattractive, even repulsive rather than attractive. Likewise, people who are not so good looking can be very attractive as they have great attitudes towards life, and take good care of themselves and the things they own or have in their life. Indeed, they draw people to them like moths to a bright lamp, light, or torch light. Taking care of ourselves and being neat and tidy, or looking classy and stylish is a good thing, and something we can enjoy doing plus at least keep up with, most of our lives.

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