Is Being Number 138 On The List For Section 8 Good Or Bad?

They called me & asked if i was still interested and i said yes. I had to fill out paper work & do a background check. That was last month. I called yesterday and the lady told me I was number 138 on the list. Is that good or bad? About how long will it be before I get my voucher? I live in mercer county Pennsylvania

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3 Responses to “Is Being Number 138 On The List For Section 8 Good Or Bad?”

  1. A Hunch says:

    It could still be years….
    You are going to have to wait for 138 families to die or lose their eligibility.

  2. bdancer2 says:

    You know some areas actually have waiting lists to be allowed to fill out an application to get on the waiting list.
    It’s hard to say how long it will take, my guess is years. There are limited vouchers available and very few become available. People have to die or lose their qualifications before a voucher becomes available. There just are no funds for increasing the number of vouchers.

  3. Landlord says:

    Mercer County has 332 total vouchers it can use, so 138 is really far down the list. You have to wait for almost half of the present voucher holders to lose or give up their vouchers. The average is not going to be more then 10% a year, so you are talking about waiting about 4 years

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