Is Clothes A Silly Thing To Spend Your Money On?

so lately I’ve been spending more money on clothes from stores i love at the mall. whenever i go shopping i check the clearance and sale racks first of course, and i’m smart about what i buy. i’ll only buy stuff if i know i will wear it and if it’s worth the price. i find myself liking stuff but then putting it back even if it’s a little more than what i want to pay for. i’m 20 years old now and i just feel like i need to update my closet, i haven’t really done so in two years and most of my old clothes scream “high school girl”. so i’ve been spending money on nicer, higher end and more mature looking clothes. i grew up having barely any clothes some school years in elementary and middle school, there were a couple years where my clothes were too small or i only had clothes from thrift stores so i’m not really used to spoiling myself a little with higher end things, but i’m liking it.
should i feel guilty for shopping a little every week? it’s my own money and i use the stuff but idk, if some people would think it’s silly use of my earned money?

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4 Responses to “Is Clothes A Silly Thing To Spend Your Money On?”

  1. Max says:

    Well dont over-do it, but I’d say clothes make people feel and look more attractive, which is important to most people, so not a bad thing to spend money on if you are smart about it and dont shop for the fun of shopping/buying.

  2. Madi says:

    not if you love them

  3. Lulu says:

    Everyone always has something silly they spend their money on. For me it’s nail polishes&scented candles lol

  4. Becky Rodriguez says:

    i dont think its silly 🙂 i always believe if you feel good, you good look. with certain people clothes can do magic! they can help you with your esteem, confidence and just how you feel! i grew up the same way, my mom had only her job to support me,my sister and brother and even at the thrift stores some of the clothes were too expensive. Now, when my husband takees me to the stores to buy new clothes i cant do it! i always feel ‘omg theyre so expensive, this money can be spent on something else!’ but then he always makes me get something new 🙂 i think its a good little investment because you can always sell them if you need to and you can mix and match certain tops and bottoms and make whole new outfits! i will say however, if its being put on credit cards or loans.. thats a nono. When its money you dont have, it is a silly thing to spend on, but if you have extra money after the bills are paid, then yes go buy what will make you happy! 🙂

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