Is He Being Affectionate In A Fatherly Way?

Don’t worry, this isn’t turning into some creepy recollection or disturbed inquiry ^.^
I don’t even know him that well, but he drives the bus I have to get on to go to the nearest town. He looks like he’s in his mid to late forties. I’m 16, by the way.
Well, the first time I encountered him, he checked my pass (special discount pass under 20s get in my county). My hair looked darker in the photo than when i was stood in front of him….but he smiled and said in a playful manner something about my natural hair colour or whatever
Anyway, I’ve been on the bus three times when he’s been driving, whenever I pay for my ticket, I notice I’m the only girl he gives a pet name to. And when I get off he calls me a different pet name. He’s called me ‘little bird’, ‘my dear’, ‘sweetheart’ ,’darling’ and ‘my lovely’. I love it actually, it brings a smile to my face. Either way, I always give him a big smile and thank him. He’s so nice to me!
I just wondered what you thought, fellow Yahoo-ers 🙂 I only ask, because I’m not used to it. My dad’s been gone for a while, and he never liked me much before he left. He only used my nickname, called me ‘baby cakes’ or when he was mad ‘bloody little witch’. XD
Answer nicely, please ^.^ I look forward to hearing your thoughts! X

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3 Responses to “Is He Being Affectionate In A Fatherly Way?”

  1. Summer Sun says:

    he just being nice there are no hidden meanings or father issues hes just being a nice old chap

  2. Gem says:

    Make sure you dont say anything that can be taken in ‘that’ way and dont agree to meet him at another time or when nobodys around. men can sometimes just hear what they want to hear and get the wrong idea. if it makes you feel happy then ok but please be aware that this is how some men lul younger girls into a sence of security, by making them feel good about themselves, often when nothing else in their life makes them feel good, they play on that. the official term is ‘grooming’ and you wont know its happening so just keep it in mind and never do anything youre not comfortable with

  3. automous says:

    As long as you are comfortable with this guy then everything is fine. You state that you like his attention so be it. It really doesn’t matter what others think.

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