Is He… Cheating … On Me? Psychology 10pts?

My fiance and I have been together for a really long time
but the other night while we were having sex
I was so close to orgasm while he was thrusting himself into me like he always does…
then something different happened.
He said
“ohhh, OHHH, uhhhh Mary!”
Then I said
“What? WHo’s mary?”
My orgasm completely left my body at this point
and he said mary was someone he knew from a long time ago, and that it just slipped out of nowhere
but later when he fell asleep i went onto his phone and searched up texts and found texts from a woman named mary who calls him dad.
I did not understand this, we have been together for so long, I thought …
maybe she is a daughter of his I didn’t know about, that’s right…
it could just be a daughter he had with an ex wife.
So this morning I asked him at breakfast over a cup of coffee if mary was his ex wife’s daughter and he looked to the side, then at me and said “oh yeah , yeah yeah, ummm yeah that’s my exe’s daughter, I’m sorry about that babe”
then he kissed me …
I didn’t know he had an ex wife, he never mentioned an ex wife until i brought her up .
Then while i was doing laundry today I found a pair of underwear… it looked like a thong.
and I asked my husband about it , and he said it was just something he bought for me an wanted to surprise me by putting it in the laundry.
It looked a little used and I noticed it had some stains on it .
“honey , this thong has some stains on it”
and he said
“oh yeah, its okay honey, i bought it at a yard sale but it’s perfectly fine, you would look so hot in it, put it on baby… put it on”
so I put the thong on and it was a little itchy, I must say its not really my taste in fabric.
But I walked around in it and he watched me and said I looked so good
we immediately got into some hot steamy action, but when i reached over to kiss his neck I saw a red mark. LIKE LIKE A HICKY!
So I asked him about it and he said the cat scratched him there, which makes sense because our cat is a ho.
the cat looked at me and I must have hallucinated because the cat said
“its not true ”
I then looked at my husband and back at the cat
the cat then said “meow! Meow!”
I was so confused , I wonder if I am going crazy.
“whats wrong honey”
asked my husband
then I said ” its… its nothing babe i just need to get some rest, im still tired from last night”
So then while i was laying in the bedroom we share, i tried to calm myself down and wondered if i should see a psychologist since i was hallucinating.
While i was laying on my pillow i noticed a long blonde strand of hair, which obviously didnt belong to me because i am not blonde.
Then I noticed that our bed sort of smelled like curry… like you know that smell your vagina gets if you eat too much taco bell?
My husband and I have not eaten taco bell , we dont even know what a torta is .
So I was so confused and in shock,
but then i thought
well maybe its just something that got caught on my jacket
maybe I …
but then I stopped myself and I looked at the thong i was still wearing…
I took the thong off and I smelled it
I really dug my nose deep into the fabric and sniffed right where the vagina lips would have rested
and I noticed that there was a potent smell of curry that matched the smell of our bed
Could it be?
could it be that my husband was wearing the thong? Maybe he eats taco bell when I am not around?
SO I Dug through the trash can and didnt find any taco bell, and my hsuband asked
“what are you doing!!!??”
and I told him to let me give him oral
he didn’t care and pulled down his pants
I then smelled his balls and smelled below the balls inbetween the cracks trying to find the smell of curry
there was some curry, but it was very very light, almost non existant.
I then asked him ” did you eat taco bell?”
and he said “what the ef!? NO!?”
and he pushed me away and said
“that’s it I’m leaving”
and I asked him “where are you going!!?”
and he said “I’m going out for a walk”
then I looked at the cat and the cat said
“he’s lying, he’s going to ef mary up the anushole, I saw him do it a couple of nights ago while you were at work”
I then fainted
and i just woke up right now
i am shaking and am dehydrated and i dont know what to do!
my husband is acting so different lately!

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3 Responses to “Is He… Cheating … On Me? Psychology 10pts?”

  1. cj55 says:

    What the hell….Did I JUST READ!
    Thanks for the entertainment though..

  2. Andrew says:

    Come ON. He’s sh*gging around and he doesn’t care if you know. Get out while you’re young enough to find someone decent.

  3. sabrina says:

    So first of all that story was …. Well it was interesting but kinda disturbing at the same time.
    I reckon he’s definatley cheating on you. It should be out the door with him he’s no good. Just let him go you’ll find someone much better that will actually treat you well. This is a big world and don’t forget that.
    Your husband is obviously a fool for picking curry vagina over you.
    As for the hallucinations and the fact that you sniffed the womans underwear, I think you should see a psycologist of some sort. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make you crazy, it just gives you someone to talk to and you’ll get some advice iswell.

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