Is He Really Interested In Me ?

MY guy friend shows all signs of interest and also is very sweet to me. But sometimes he acts very weired flirting with other women in front of me especially with this one particular woman which makes me doubt his interest in me but recently i was really shocked when he texted me to tell me about a particular TV set which i wanted to buy was on sale in a store, I had casually mentioned to him about the TV i wanted to buy almost 2 weeks ago which i had totally forgotten about . i couldnt believe he remembered it. He is always consistant if i ask him to do something like i asked him to give me a wake up call at a certain time everyday (evening time) which he obediently does even if we are fighting and not talking to each other, Is he interested or it is just my imagination.

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One Response to “Is He Really Interested In Me ?”

  1. Bice Lake says:

    he just needs to get laid and probably thinks you won’t budge so thats why he flirts in front of you..

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