Is India-US nuclear deal same as Bofors deal with Sweden? Is there any another Quattrocchi behind this deal?
What is the benefits for UPA behind this deal?
Is there big money same as Bofors scandal?
Is Laloo is a number one corrupt Indian politician and Amar Singh is a second?

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3 Responses to “Is India-US nuclear deal same as Bofors deal with Sweden? Is there any another Quattrocchi behind this deal?”

  1. wiked_inspiration says:

    We cant really say if theres any Qattrochi involved in this deal but u never know in indian politics anything can happen.

    You want to know the real benefits for UPA in this deal ————– its BIG MONEY for Sonia Gandhi and her party given by the Dubya ( Bush ) administration to literally force them to go ahead with the deal

    As far as India is concerned this deal has more disadvantages than advantages for the Indian people since it will increase energy production by around 6% which is not too significant considering India’s huge population. The US has a number of nuclear reactors which havent been used for past 30 yrs and India wud be buying them for around 15 – 20 billion dollars n thats one of the reasons y this deal was of more importance to the US than India.

    After this deal India wud be having 14 nuclear reactors out of which 7 wud open for inspection by IAEA and US officials at any time as they wish. Nuclear technology is a secret n sensitive issue so how can we think of letting our country’s secrets be known to outsiders ???

    The US has world’s highest number of nuclear reactors and not a single country questions about those whereas it keeps pressurising countries like North Korea, Iran n now India abt their nuclear programmes. US can do watever it wants n other countries quietly have to accept it……. I mean wat kind of a world are we living in ??

    There is a general feeling tht this deal will make India a slave of the US which will dictate its own terms n interfere in India’s own nuclear programme. Besides I feel it could also have an impact on the India-Iran gas pipeline project which again the US will try to stop citing terrorism n security concerns. The US was n will never be anyone’s friend, its only aim is to supress other countries to become a superpower n thereby control the whole world.

    This deal is an utter failure for India with worse things waiting to happen in future……. jus start counting the days when US attacks Iran with nuclear bombs to trigger the 3rd world war……. I wish Mr. Manmohan Singh could understand this ( sigh!!! )

    Lastly there is no ranking among Indian politicians in terms of their integrity, they all are same …………… BIG CORRUPTS !!!

  2. Vortigern says:

    Why isn’t Iran included? Surely no hypocrisy with the wonderful USA and India?

  3. ahmed k says:

    It is on the national interest and to make India self sufficiant in the field of energy .U P A Government is taking right decision to lead India as a super power by 2020 .That is the reason for supporting U P A Government by all political parties crossing political whip .

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