Is It A Bad Career Move To Leave A Job That Pays Less?

I’m in my early 20s and I figure now is the time to take risks. I get bored quick and need my environment to be constantly changing. My current job is a stable job with a company who has been around over 50 years. I’ve been with them three years and have been on a team that started with 4 and has grown to twelve. There is plenty of work to do and it’s burning me out. Being on call on the weekends and weeknights every few weeks is what I dislike the most. Also, boss expects us to work more hours and other departments keep dumping their work on us. My boss likes to micro manage. We work by a queue system, but depending on your title and your problem you can jump the queue. I’ve been cross training in another department, but I don’t think it’ll be a quick transition. I’m ready now. My boss believes I’ve mastered the department and should be searching for other opportunities in the company. The problem is, I don’t see anything I really like. Seems most of the other groups need more man power.
I’ll be leaving matching 401k, yearly raises, yearly bonuses, usual medical, vision, dental, life insurance plans I pay for with matching contributions, great rates on credit union, employee stock purchase program, and high discounts for car supplies. I’ll be joining a company that has been around just over 12 years, accepting a 5 percent less pay check, no matching 401k, a little further away, more creative environment, less hours working, more people my age, actively involved in the community, fully paid health, dental, vision, and mobile payments, same career title, less built out company hierarchy, one supported application, over 70 on team, larger supported customer base, and a less traditional company.

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  1. New says:

    When you get a job that pays you more then it is not a bad decision to move to the other job. But think about the duration. You should not leave any job within a very short time. Because if this is your first job then there you will get chance to learn something which you may not get in the new place. So just keep in mind this kind of things.

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