Is it a bargain for £9.99?

Yeah mate. I was just up yeah, and I couldn’t sleep right, and I thought I’d write to you.


Have you ever considered, how much of a BARGAIN it is, when you buy somthing in ASDAs at TEN POUNDS and thay put a tag-on-it that says NINE. NINTEH. NINE????!!!!


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2 Responses to “Is it a bargain for £9.99?”

  1. lukecwheeler says:

    It’s a common technique used worldwide in retail. We are more likely to buy something for £9.99, than £10. We hear the "£9" bit first, which immediately makes it sound more attractive.

  2. Isham Kalema says:

    The 1p can add up to make a difference but it makes you more likely to buy it at 9.99

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