Is It A Good Idea To Hire My Mom?

I run a small business and have recently considered expanding my business. Iam thinking of employing my mother as a sales agent as she has the right experience ,skills to develop new customers for our business. I have been considering this for sometime now as who better to trust than my mother for a key role. She has experience working at different levels and would be a useful asset for our group
Iam a fair person and wouldnt discriminate between my employees. Some of the points i need to consider are
I believe that it is essential that I call her by her first name to keep things professional as i will be her manager. I do call her by first name occasionally even now and she is comfortable with that.She will join a team of 3 sales agents. I want them to be aware that i will be hiring my mother. Do you think that wll affect the office dynamics? Honestly, i dont want my employees to believe that she will be at advantage being my mother.I also want my mom to understand that I would prefer the employee/Manager relationship at work. Do you think I should have a discussion with my mother about my expectations?
Note: It is important to know that my mother and I dont really dont spend a lot of time with each other in our personal life but we respect and would help each other. But thats the way our relationship has been most of my life

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4 Responses to “Is It A Good Idea To Hire My Mom?”

  1. Jeff P says:

    Don’t do it. As someone who was part of a family business–it just doesn’t work. Family members will always demand to be treated differently–because they’re family. And as the boss, you will ultimately end up treating them different because they are family and you don’t want to invite more drama into the family dynamic.
    I love my wife and kids to death, but if I ever started my own business, I wouldn’t want them to be part of it.
    I hate to be so blunt about this, but I’ve been part of this and didn’t enjoy it much. I know, every family is different and I’m sure some families are better than others and I’m probably making generalizations, but I’m just warning you from personal experience.

  2. Aino says:

    I think it is fair as long as she knows how to get the job done right. people may think differently but I don’t think it matters.

  3. Promise says:

    I don’t think you should employ your mother because no matter what level you are in that business, she will still be your mother and there are some things she would do that will definately piss you off. If she is very advanced person in business; the best thing to do is seek for advice from her as a professional and mother.

  4. devonian Rodders says:

    It is nice to consider your Mom for a post, but maybe the other employees may feel nepotism will creep in. Your Mom taking orders from you may be difficult to accept or administer.

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