is it good that i bought these batteries instead of energizer?

The batteries i purchased:

And the Energizer i did NOT purchase:

Should i of purchased the Energizer instead? or did i make the right choice?

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2 Responses to “is it good that i bought these batteries instead of energizer?”

  1. DON says:

    I wouldn’t have bought either.

    The last (and only) time I bought cheap "no name" NiMH batteries, I got exactly the quality I paid for and they were useless within a relatively short period.

    Batteries that I wouldn’t hesitate recommending are the low self discharge type such as Sanyo Eneloops or the ones Duracell calls "precharged" or "stay charged". They will have a lower rated capacity (~2000mAh) but they more than make up for it by not draining themselves fairly quickly when you’re not using them and you’ll get years of service out of them.

    Examples are in the links below.


  2. ericjohn1987 says:

    they look to be very good batteries (the ones you bought) with very high energy density 3 Amp Hours (3000 mAh) I did not know that they went that high.

    energizer is a more established brand but i also checked the link and it said that the energizer batteries had only 2.65 Amp Hours (2650 mAh) which is still a very good energy density.

    i think you made the right choice, tell me what are you going to be using those batteries for the reason why i ask is because in some devices you might damage the circuitry.

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