Is It Hard To Become Successful After College?

So I was just wondering if it is hard to become successful after college. I am about to be a freshmen in college and was wondering if life really does become difficult when you’re on your own.
(NOT TO BRAG) My father is a very successful businessman, and I believe we are a very affluent family. (My dad makes near $400,000 annually, and my mom does not work.)
In reality I know we are very well off, but I don’t feel like we’re the richest of the rich. When I finish college and live on my own, will I tell a difference in the standards of living I had while living with my parents, and living by myself?
For those who will call me a spoiled brat:
I am a waiter at a steakhouse.
For those of you who will call me a liar:
We own a massive house, 5 OWNED cars,
(Including Porsche 911 turbo) and I have a new car.
I want to work in the business world, wether as a salesman or IT specialist, or even a sales manager or marketing guy. I know some of these jobs pay very well, but I want my family to live very comfortably.

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3 Responses to “Is It Hard To Become Successful After College?”

  1. Raychel Taio cruz says:


  2. ? says:

    Yes, being successful is hard. Your father pulled it off, 400k salary doesn’t just come to your doorstep. He worked hard for it.
    As for you living alone, it’s going to happen at some point in your life. If you are working then I don’t see a point in you staying in your parent’s house. Independent living makes a person more responsible and mature.
    Also, nobody’s calling you a liar. You don’t need to brag. My uncle is the COO of a big corporation in New Orleans and he owns a Lamborghini. You don’t see me bragging. Also, your father bought those cars, not you. He can brag all he wants. He earned it. You’re still young, you didn’t earn anything worth bragging about (I’m generalizing.)

  3. It Is All In The Mind! says:

    Define success. You can be affluent but miserable. Make sure your ladder is leaning on the right wall.

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