Is it hard to get a good deal when in negotiations with the devil. It looks like I am heading for hard times?

so I could do with some tips on how to negotiate with old lucifer. I would not like to be taken for a sucker in the negotiations.

What should the minimum be that i can strike a deal for.
he may be getting a lot of good offers in these dificult time.

Would a good management position in his organisation come with the benefits that make a soul loaning/sale worthwhile.

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4 Responses to “Is it hard to get a good deal when in negotiations with the devil. It looks like I am heading for hard times?”

  1. auto98uk says:

    It should actually be possible to get a brilliant deal, because all he wants is your soul. Assuming your soul being in hell for all eternity after you died is excluded from the equation.

  2. Don H says:

    In ancient Jewish tradition Satan is simply an angel doing the work that God assigned to Satan to do.

    The word Satan means challenger. With the idea of Satan challenging us, or tempting if you will. This description sees Satan as the angel who is the embodiment of man’s challenges. This idea of Satan works closely with God as an integral part of Gods plan for us. His job is to make choosing good over evil enough of a challenge so that it becomes clear to us that there can be only one meaningful or logical choice.

    Contrast this to Christianity, which sees Satan as God’s opponent. In Jewish thought, the idea that there exists anything capable of setting itself up as God’s opponent would be considered polytheistic or setting up the devil to be an equally powerful polarity to god or a demigod.

    Oddly, proof for The Christian satan/devil mythology is supposedly found in the ancient Jewish texts that were borrowed to create the bible. One can’t help but wonder how Christians came up with such a fantastically different interpretation of Gods assistant Satan in their theology.

    Other hints about Satan’s role in human relations can be seen if you look at the name Lucifer. It’s meaning in the original tongue translates as Light bearer or light bringer. Essentially the bringer of enlightenment. The temptations of the Satan idea bring all of us eventually into Gods light. Hardly the Evil entity of Christian mythology.

    Love and blessings

  3. Private <}:-}) says:

    When he knows your coming
    there’s no reason to make a deal.
    There is no long line, you just get
    sucked in like a vacuum. <}:-{(

  4. hex says:

    all deities were conceived in the minds of men so it appears that you are delusional and trying to negotiate with yourself. good luck with that!

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