Is it just me or is broken, works fine?

When ever I do a search or select a catagory on I get this message "There was a problem with your request. Please try again."

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6 Responses to “Is it just me or is broken, works fine?”

  1. Sal*UK says:

    Mines finem – try clearing out your cookies and temp internet files.

  2. MellowMan says:

    My eBay is fine I’m on it now. Must be just you.

  3. Bardic says:

    Fine here too.

  4. micksmixxx says:

    It’s you. You’re broken.

    Seriously though, I’m having no problems with

  5. berty19uk says:

    its been happening to me as well for the last 2 days – its soooo annooooying!!!!

  6. Andy N says:

    I have got the same problem as well, I have emailed ebay and hopefully I will get the reply soon

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