Is it legal to increase prices before offering a 25% discount?

Basically, imagine you have a product that sells for £10. You want to offer a 25% discount to the public but because you are greedy, you increase the price to £12 before offering the discount so the discount the customer actually receives is less than the amount advertised. Is it legal? I work in a sales team and that is what they want us to do but it doesn’t sit right with me, want to know where we stand.

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5 Responses to “Is it legal to increase prices before offering a 25% discount?”

  1. "isitme" says:

    Yes, it is legal, provided it’s been advertised at the higher non-discounted price for a minimum of two weeks within the last twelve months.

    Furniture and appliance stores do it all the time, if you look at their sale tickets, the major retailers normally include which branch it was advertised at and when.

  2. DG Silva says:

    Yes, but the item needs to be increased for at least a month (or 3 months, I think) at the higher price before you can offer it at a lower price.

  3. Mary J says:

    Yes it’s legally loads of people do it. But is it ethical?

  4. princess says:

    Of course it is, if you have the right to change the prices then you can change them as you please.

    Most places are putting their prices up anyway just now, and to discount that is entirely your choice I really don’t see why it’d be illegal.

    It’s cunning and it’s business. Hope you do well!


  5. John J says:

    Nope, not in the UK.

    In the UK (and probably the rest of the EU too), that’d be very illegal. And quite right too!

    You have to have had the item(s) for sale at the higher price for a certain period of time – maybe for 3 months out of last 6 months or something, but I’m not sure.

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