Is It Me Or Is This Comment Catty? Backhanded Compliment?

Everyone has their one thing they really like. For most women, they like shoes (some guys too). I love purses. I learned at an early age it was a waste of money to buy cheap purses every month when I could buy a quality one at macy’s (on sale) that would last for a year. I feel like it’s something I get from my mom and we bond from it. I don’t like the labels bc of the labels but I do appreciate the quality and longevity some have. I’m a private, non attention seeking person too so monographs are the last kind of purses I’m really into. I’ve learned to be savy in this area when it comes to being smart with my money. I go to thrift stores in rich areas and find great second hand deals, go to websites such as “bluefly” or shop at nordstrom rack.
Anyhoo, I was visiting a family friend. Her baby had found my purse hidden in jackets I purposely put. My boyfriend’s mom told me and noticed my purse. “Wow, nice bag. Is that fake?” I told her that my mom’s co-worker was selling it second hand bc she had so many similar styles to it. I showed it to her and she said, “I think it’s fake.” HMMM. Great opinion but isn’t it courtesy to not say it to someone, whether you think it is or not? While I was there paralyzed looking like an idiot, her husband immediately said, “it’s a nice purse. It’s a very nice purse.” I walked back and she kept talking as I was still in a daze…she eventually said, “oh, well i wouldn’t know. I don’t own expensive purses.” Yet she owns a coach bag…it’s up to you whether that’s an expensive purse or not but if it’s more than $100, you’re still paying money, are you not? Aurgh. She always says stuff like this anyway. I just try really hard to take it in…sucks.

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One Response to “Is It Me Or Is This Comment Catty? Backhanded Compliment?”

  1. Ginny Jin says:

    meh I wouldn’t even let that register.

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