Is it not sexist to say that women can have a NUS discount in a hairdressers and men cannot?

I just went to get my hair cut and noticed a sign saying that you could get 20% student discount with an NUS card. I have an NUS card and asked for a discount and was told that that offer only applies to females (because of higher prices for women) – isn’t that illegal?

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11 Responses to “Is it not sexist to say that women can have a NUS discount in a hairdressers and men cannot?”

  1. agius1520 says:

    It depends on the wording, if they say on certain treatments that are female orientated then technically you should be able to go for these treatments and get your discount but would you want to?

    If it clearly just says 20% discount and doesn’t say terms and conditions apply ( which need to specifiy anything other than just gender) then you should be entitled.

    It does seem to be sexual discrimination which is illegal.

  2. Emma W says:

    Yes. It is.
    Its sexual discrimination.

  3. Boy Wonder says:

    That is totally and utterly illegal. They cannot provide a special offer like that purely of the basis of gender. That kind of thing is covered by discrimination legislation.

  4. mysticwindz says:

    Wow!! I would definitely call the BBB on that place and contact your village/city representatives. I can;t believe they didn’t give you a discount!!

  5. Spacephantom says:

    Yes – sex discrimination without a doubt. Definately illegal.

  6. charterman says:

    Yes, threaten to sue them either after they have cut your hair. Take a photograph of the sign with your phone.

  7. Elana says:

    It is not illegal to offer discounts on higher price haircuts.

    I would tell the owner that he or she is flirting with sexist policies and should re-word the ad to indicate the higher prices, not the gender.

    In any case, you’re going to find all kinds of sexism with respect to clothing, makeup, jewlry, etc.

    Consider that women’s pants come in a single size and mens come in waist by inseam.

    This is historically because it used to be that the only thing a woman used was waist, since it really didn’t matter all that much where the skirt line fell.

    Of course many women wear pants now and have just as much if not more variation between inseam and waist as men do – but we’re stuck with one number.

    "We shall overcome"? Probably not … at least, probably not in my lifetime.

    Women pay far more for day-to-day clothing, makeup/skin care and yes, hair care than men do – so I don’t think you’re going to get much sympathy.

  8. sashtou says:

    I would imagine so.

    How about approaching the local Trading Standards Authority – to say nothing of speaking to the local NUS representative.


  9. mintycakeyfroggy says:

    Its false advertising which is illegal not sure the procedure around it they should mark somewhere that its conditional upon a female cut/ full priced cut. Sexiest I’m not sure because males with long hair have to get a female cut its only called female cut for convenience more than anything else. They should of offered you the discount any goof business would.

  10. toptotty37 says:

    Absolutely! You should challenge that.

  11. Binder D says:

    Yes that is illegal.

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