Is It Okay To Ask For Someone’s Number (some Clarifications)?

Not in an “I want to get to know you better *nudge*nudge*” way, but just a friendly way….Basically I’m a high school student (girl) and I dance at a place often. I used to go on different days until my first time at a Friday class. The teacher was incredible and I ended up going every Friday for more than a year. I realize that I really admire him. And before you think I like him, I really don’t. It’s just that he plays such an important part in my life, more than he realizes. He not only treats people kindly, he spreads it. It’s like people want to be like him, or at least, that’s how I feel it’s like. I can honestly say that he has changed me into a better person because of his kindness. I know other people feel the same way. For example he told a story about how the students he coaches at a high school cut their hair after he cut his. He is truly a mentor for me, even though I’m obviously not as close to him as his friends and such. I haven’t been going to place for a little more than a month (maybe once or twice in the past two months) because a family member of mine was in the hospital and passed away. I was going to return yesterday for the first time in a while, but I left the house late because my mom was on the phone and I didn’t want to bother her. When I got there, the lady at the front who recognizes me told me the class was cancelled for the night because nobody came and he returned home. Two other girls had just arrived too so I was like “darn, if only I had left earlier he would have stayed and these students could have come to the class too”. But then I started thinking, what would happen if he decided to leave that place one day? I started feeling abandoned, as if he had died and almost cried XD. I really don’t want him to leave one day and never see him (yes yes, I know it seems all romantic and fluffy but it’s really not. I have no romantic feelings towards him. In fact, I’m rooting for him to eventually get married to his girlfriend. To me his is an older brother, hero, and mentor I cherish greatly). But anyways, I don’t want to lose contact with him and I was wondering if it’s weird for me to ask for the number of someone who is much older and doesn’t have much relation to me. He gave me his number once because he wanted to give me a discount for a dance show but I didn’t call him because I didn’t want to pester him and I deleted his number from my contacts. But now I really need someone like him to guide me in my life. I just want to have someone I can trust and pester and ask for help from XD I don’t really have something like that with anybody. I’ve come close. I used to have a friend like that, that’s why I need someone like that again. He’s helped me in dancing and even on a project before. He’s also given me a whole speech on following my passion and given me advice in life and dance. I want to learn more from him. I want his encouragement. Do you think I would be bothering him?
Wow, reading through this I realized, not only do I go on and on in one big paragraph, but there is no transition whatsoever. This is like short, blunt, random thoughts, one after another. XD My bad hahaha
From the lat time I asked:
One person said he seems like a kind person who wouldn’t feel bothered if I call. And another said if I think it’s okay then I should. He really is a kind person, but I still feel worried he doesn’t want me to ask for his advice. What if it’s tiring to him? And another person commented how they’ve never seen a girl named Tom…it’s just an online username. The person also said that asking for someone’s number is a “lustful act” or something along those lines. Is it really lustful if the person who asks for your number is still a kid much younger (maybe 10 years) and just looks up to you?

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  1. Samke says:

    Ask for his number and tell him its so you can let him know when you not coming so there is no repeat of what happened yesterday. Then it wont come across as though u like him in a romantic way. Your friendship thereafter can get rid of the excuse.

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